Coaching by Drea

Who I Am

I am a leader, space holder/provider, changemaker and fire starter who started my career over 5 years ago and have since spent my time in several industries, amassing experience in coaching, ideation, program coordinating, writing, event management, content creation, curation and operations.


I have always been dedicated to dynamic, change-oriented work and thought provoking projects.


You don't know where to start, you’re overwhelmed and want to free yourself up to focus on your creative endeavors.


I help creatives get organized and make it easier to focus on what really matters to you using thoughtful and carefully paced guidance.


I want you to get free and focus on your legacy!

What I Provide

  • Coaching & Guidance

  • Research

  • Resources

  • Business Organizing & Planning

  • Goal setting & Achievement Tracking

What I Believe In

  • Helping you get free

  • Helping you build a legacy

  • Tracking your accomplishments

  • Transparency

  • Intention in everything you do

  • Practicing activism through your gifts

  • Innovation

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